Should we choose to install a gas wall mounted stove when facing the cold of winter

A cold current "flows" from the north to the south, and the temperature drops again and again.
Friends who go out to work, their down jackets are wrapped up like cotton quilts; Actually, we really want to go out with a quilt,
Who makes the bedding always more comfortable than the cold winter wind outside, right.
When we go out in winter, we can wear thicker clothes, but at home, we can't wrap them like Zongzi, can we?
Although home is a place to block wind and rain, no matter how thick the walls are, they cannot resist the invasion of cold.
So, winter heating is also indisputable; However, the heating method still needs to be discussed and discussed.
The development of technology has greatly enriched people's lives, from traditional heating facilities such as coal stoves and grills to central air conditioning;
**In recent years, the rise of gas wall mounted boilers has added a new choice for people's winter heating.
Gas wall mounted furnace heating, with natural gas as the energy source, is clean and environmentally friendly, and the heating effect is comfortable and awesome;
However, for most consumers who do not know much about wall mounted stoves, should we install wall mounted stoves when winter approaches? Or in other words, in terms of heating efficiency and cost, is the wall mounted stove worth installing?
What is a wall mounted stove?
Gas wall mounted boiler is a multifunctional whole house heating equipment powered by natural gas, which has two types of heating: heating and domestic hot water. It can provide whole house heating and 24-hour use of domestic hot water, including kitchens and bathrooms.
By using a wall mounted stove for heating, each room is warm and the heating temperature can be freely set. The heating effect is also very comfortable and not dry, and the temperature of domestic hot water can also be adjusted.
As for the cost of heating, it depends on the usage of the wall mounted stove. Under correct and reasonable usage, the heating cost of the wall mounted stove is generally not significantly different from that of central air conditioning heating. Moreover, the longer the use time, the more economical the wall mounted stove is under the same circumstances.
As a key product of Ashton gas appliances, Ashton wall mounted stoves are excellent in design, quality, and heating effects.
The body design in black, white, and dark gray with rich texture, simple and fashionable, versatile;
The three-layer cavity soundproofing design and silent combustion technology reduce the working noise to 38 decibels during operation, making it as quiet as the ticking sound of a clock.
Adopting the segmented combustion technology of concentrated energy, the ultra-low temperature water can be quickly heated in winter, and the heating and domestic hot water can come quickly without too much waiting time.
The gas volume adjustment ratio reaches 1:5, and the gas ratio is automatically proportioned by a microcomputer to achieve variable frequency combustion, efficient and energy-saving; The conventional furnace has a thermal efficiency of 90%, and the condensing wall mounted furnace has a higher thermal efficiency, saving 10% -15% more energy than ordinary wall mounted furnaces.
Under the intelligent temperature monitoring of the microcomputer, the temperature of heating and domestic hot water is more precise and stable, enjoying a comfortable and warm experience.
In addition, the Aston wall mounted stove can independently control the temperature of each room through a water collector, achieving humanized temperature control for each room, meeting the heating needs of every family member and making them happier.
Many people believe that if a wall mounted stove is left on for a long time or continuously, it will consume a lot of gas;
In fact, this is one of the important reasons why people feel that wall mounted stoves consume too much gas.
After the wall mounted stove cools down, it will require more time and gas to heat up when it is turned on again, especially in cold winter.
So, don't switch frequently, it's the correct way to save gas for wall mounted boilers.
The "statutory" service life of gas special equipment is ten years, and under normal circumstances, the service life of the Ashton wall mounted furnace is also ten years.
During the long service life of wall mounted boilers, a lot of scale will be generated. If not cleaned in a timely manner, it will easily lead to wall mounted furnace loss, affecting its service life, and also increasing gas consumption.
Timely or regular cleaning can effectively prevent this situation from happening; It is generally recommended to start major cleaning after 1-2 heating seasons, as this can extend the service life of the wall mounted stove and reduce gas consumption.
In winter, it can make the entire home warm and comfortable, and you can also enjoy hot water at any time. Is this wall mounted stove worth installing?


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