Does the wall mounted stove consume a lot of electricity when it is turned on 24 hours a day?

As a leader in the field of household heating, wall mounted stoves not only provide hot water for daily life, but also have powerful home heating functions to meet the heating needs of multiple rooms. Users can also adjust them themselves, control the opening time and temperature, and achieve comfortable home life.
Does the wall mounted stove need to be on for 24 hours for heating? Will this consume a lot of electricity?
Many users encounter such problems during use.
So what is the state of the wall mounted furnace during operation? Let's take a look together with Brother Song.
The wall mounted stove is mainly used for winter heating and domestic hot water supply, and needs to be turned on 24 hours. Due to frequent opening, the operation of the wall mounted furnace will restart, consuming more gas and electricity.


So, what is the power consumption when turned on 24 hours a day?
Wall mounted furnaces mainly use natural gas as energy source and consume less electrical energy during use. Due to the fact that only the control panel and water pump consume electricity for the wall mounted furnace, taking a 24KW wall mounted furnace as an example for heating, running 24 hours consumes approximately 1 kWh of electricity, which is very energy-saving.
Every time the wall mounted stove is turned on, it requires 2-3 hours of preheating time. Therefore, during use, Songge suggests that everyone start it for a long time. Especially in cold winter, try not to turn off the wall mounted stove. Long periods of shutdown can lead to a decrease in the internal temperature of the stove, sudden heating can cause unstable air pressure, and some components may also freeze. So, in winter, everyone also needs to do a good job of antifreeze protection for the wall mounted stove to prevent it from freezing and not functioning properly.


The small squirrel wall mounted stove has a triple intelligent antifreeze system. Fearless of severe cold weather, fully automatic monitoring and protection, even in -40 ℃ weather, allowing you to use worry free.
When the water temperature is below 8 ℃, the first level antifreeze function is activated, and the wall mounted boiler water pump automatically runs for 3 minutes;
When the water temperature is below 6 ℃, the secondary antifreeze starts, and the wall mounted furnace burns the water temperature at low power to 30 degrees Celsius;
When the water temperature is below 2 ℃, the third level antifreeze is activated, and the wall mounted furnace automatically locks and reports a fault code to prevent the system from freezing and causing harm to the wall mounted furnace. At this time, please do not perform any operations and call the Squirrel National Service Hotline 400-6685-315 for warranty as soon as possible.
In addition to not turning off the wall mounted stove, pay attention to the following issues during use to save gas and electricity!


matters needing attention
When using hot water, the water flow should be adjusted to a low level, and the water flow should be adjusted as needed after the wall mounted furnace starts working. It can save water and also heat up the water in a short period of time.
2. Do not frequently turn off the faucet during the shower process. Every time the switch is turned on or off, the wall mounted furnace needs to be restarted, which not only wastes a large amount of cold water, but also increases natural gas consumption and shortens the service life of the wall mounted furnace for a long time.
3. Vacant rooms can close the heating valve to make the heating room warm up faster. During the day, no one at home can turn off the wall mounted stove. Simply adjust the wall mounted stove to energy-saving mode, and then return home at night and adjust to normal mode.
4. If there is a malfunction in the wall mounted furnace, the after-sales personnel should be called as soon as possible, and professional personnel should come to repair it. It is not allowed to disassemble it without permission to prevent explosion.


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