Macroscopically Analyzing the Development Prospects of Wall Mounted Stoves

The future consumption prospects of wall mounted stoves in China are worth anticipating. Because wall mounted furnaces are a flexible, comfortable, independent, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly heating method. As long as consumers need to stay warm and enjoy a better economic standard of living during severe cold, it is a product with strong internal vitality, and the needs of consumers will be very suitable for the development of this product.
After 20 to 30 years of rapid development in China, various social characteristics have gradually integrated with the world, and heating is no exception. The social foundation and conditions for the development of wall mounted furnaces are already available. The future development prospects of wall mounted furnaces are mainly reflected in the following points.
The heating mode in northern China has changed from central heating, which used to be a single social, unit and community welfare, to a diversified direction. The serious waste of energy in central heating and the inflexible heating mode have created conditions for household heating. The unified heating has become increasingly unsuitable for the development of market economy and society.
With the urbanization process, the living standards and economic conditions of large rural areas, counties and towns in the "three north" areas (northwest, north and northeast) without central heating will improve, which will be a potential big market.


In China's social market economy, individual free and autonomous behaviors such as housing commercialization, tradability, and population mobility require flexible and independent heating forms such as household heating.
One of the key factors restricting the development of wall mounted boilers is the gas source conditions. With the second phase of the West East Gas Pipeline Project, the introduction of natural gas projects from the CIS Russia, the Sichuan East Gas Pipeline Project, the Shaanxi Beijing Gas Pipeline Project, the construction and improvement of natural gas pipelines from Xinjiang, Gansu, and Qinghai, the Ordos Natural Gas Project, and the exploitation and utilization of several natural gas fields, the current gas supply situation in many regions of China will be greatly improved.


The technological level and manufacturing capacity of Chinese wall mounted furnaces will gradually reach or even surpass European levels in the next 3 to 10 years, and they will become the world's manufacturing factory for wall mounted furnaces, just like home appliances.
The living needs and economic conditions of the Chinese people have met the conditions for the great development of wall mounted stoves. Wall mounted stoves, like household appliances and automobiles, will usher in a prosperous consumption peak in the next few to 10 years. Even expensive cars for household consumption had sales of over 9 million units in 2008 during the economic crisis. As a necessary heating and bathing product for daily life, it should perform well in the future, with a market capacity of several million to ten thousand units per year being normal.
The pursuit of quality of life in the Yangtze River Basin and large southern regions of China will also favor wall mounted stoves, which can both wash in large amounts of water and provide comfortable heating (unlike dry air conditioning heating). Installing a wall mounted stove at home can solve the two major problems of daily heating and bathing, and it is a healthy, natural, and high-quality heating and bathing method. The wall mounted stove also has the following two core competitiveness.
As a heat source for independent heating in households, wall mounted stoves have a heating efficiency of over 90%, which is much higher than the thermal efficiency of using coal, oil, electric heating, air conditioning, etc. There is no heat loss of central heating boilers, pipes, etc. and no waste of invalid heat loss. Wall mounted stoves are a self controlled and flexibly adjustable heating method that can be personalized and easily achieved by choosing when to turn on, how high the temperature is, and selecting different temperatures for each room.


The wall mounted stove is a very comfortable, constant temperature, and high volume modern bathing form used for daily hot water bathing in households. Equivalent to a home bathing center, its comfort and improvement in lifestyle are unmatched by ordinary water heaters, electric water heaters, and solar water heaters.


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Gas wall mounted boilers (hereinafter referred to as "wall mounted boilers") have been developed for many years, integrating the bathing function of traditional water heaters and the heating function of traditional boilers. In recent years, they have also been regarded as a branch of the water heater industry in the industry.

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