These four points indicate that your wall mounted stove needs to be cleaned


The wall mounted furnace belongs to the dual purpose heating equipment of heating and bathing, and its core issue is its service life, and the biggest factor affecting its service life is the problem of scale. Everyone knows that scale is formed due to a large temperature difference, especially when we use domestic hot water, the scaling rate of the heat exchanger greatly increases due to the need to constantly fill with new water. As the scale adhering to the inner wall of the heat exchanger continues to thicken, the heat transfer efficiency of the wall mounted furnace will also greatly decrease, mainly manifested in symptoms such as increased gas consumption, insufficient heating, hot and cold water consumption, and reduced hot water consumption.
If the heat exchange components of the wall mounted furnace are maintained in such a high load state, the damage to the wall mounted furnace is very severe, seriously affecting its service life. So any gas wall mounted furnace must be cleaned and maintained after two to three years of use. After a winter of high load operation, the heat exchanger and other components inside the wall mounted furnace will inevitably become full of scale. In this state of operation, the wall mounted furnace not only affects its service life, but also increases gas consumption, causing energy waste, and causing personal economic losses.
So how do you determine if your wall mounted stove should be cleaned?
1. The wall mounted stove has been continuously used for more than two heating seasons.
2. It is obvious that the gas usage of wall mounted boilers has increased compared to before.
3. The heating time of the wall mounted boiler increases, the sanitary hot water is cold and hot, and the water output per unit time decreases.
4. The sound of the wall mounted stove increases and occasionally makes abnormal noises.


Cleaning process of wall mounted furnace

Attention: The following operations must be carried out under the guidance of professional technical personnel!
1. Open the upper cover of the cleaning machine, take out the accessories from the liquid distribution tank, wrap the sealing strips around the three partition valves, and screw them onto the water inlet joint and return joint box drainage joint on the end of the machine body to make them in a closed state.
2. Loosen the connections between the heating system and the hot water system of the wall mounted boiler, and use connecting pipes to tighten the water supply and return pipes to the upper and return water joints of the cleaning machine.
3. Plug in the power cord of the cleaning equipment.
4. Fill the liquid distribution tank with water to two-thirds of the tank.
5. Open the water supply and return separation valves, turn on the power switch of the cleaning machine, start the circulating pump for water circulation. If the liquid level in the tank drops, it needs to be added again until the specified water level stabilizes.
6. Turn on the red power switch (indicating that the red power indicator light is on and the temperature controller is OFF), then press the green start switch to check whether the water in the distribution tank is circulating (if the water in the distribution tank is not circulating, it is prohibited to start the temperature controller switch). After a normal cycle of two minutes, press the heating button in the temperature controller to turn on and display the temperature of the water. When the water is heated to 30 ℃, Add the cleaning agent from the large bag to the mixing tank, stir well, and dissolve for circulation. The factory rated temperature of this machine is 45 ℃. When the water temperature reaches 45 ℃, the temperature controller interrupts and stops heating. When the water temperature drops below 40 ℃, the heater automatically feeds water for heating.
7. The cleaning cycle depends on the color change of the cleaning solution, usually from clear to muddy, from light to thick, until the color no longer darkens. The time is about 1-1.5 hours. After confirming that the cleaning is clean, turn off the power switch and stop the cycle. Use a sewage pipe to drain the cleaning solution, refill with clean water, start the cleaning machine for a cycle of 5-10 minutes, and then drain the water to complete the cleaning process.
8. After cleaning, the temperature controller must be turned off first (the screen displays OFF), then the start switch must be turned off, and then the power switch must be turned off.
9. Remove the connecting pipe fittings and restore the system.



1. The circulating pump is not a self priming pump. When injecting water, the pump head should be filled with water in the upper water hole, otherwise there is air in the pump and cleaning cannot proceed.
2. It is prohibited to start the circulating switch without water to prevent damage to the machine without load.
3. It is prohibited to start the temperature controller switch without water or cycling.
4. During operation, pay attention to electrical safety and prevent electric shock.
5. Be careful not to splash the medication into your eyes. Once such a situation occurs, clean it with clean water as soon as possible.
6. The liquid distribution tank is made of hard plastic material, which prevents collision and damage during transportation and use.
7. Due to the head limitation of the pump, the height difference between the cleaning machine and the wall mounted furnace during connection cannot exceed 1m.
8. After cleaning, wipe off any residual water in the machine.
9. The process of restoring and restarting the wall mounted furnace should be carried out according to the user manual of the wall mounted furnace.


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