Shaoxing Shangyu Kaidi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Annual Production of 900000 sets of Waterway Valve Technical Renovation Project - Acceptance Inspection and Evaluation Report

According to the relevant regulations on the management of environmental protection acceptance upon completion of construction projects, the completion environmental protection acceptance of the "Shaoxing Shangyu Kaidi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Annual Production 900000 sets of waterway valve technical renovation project" is hereby announced as follows:;
Project Name: Shaoxing Shangyu Kaidi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Annual Production of 900000 sets of Water Valve Technical Renovation Project;
Construction address: Mashan Village, Dongguan Street, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City;
Construction unit: Shaoxing Shangyu Kaidi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd;
Publicity content: acceptance report, acceptance opinions, and attendance form;
The public notice period is from December 7, 2022 to January 3, 2023 (20 working days).
Public opinion submission: During the public notice period, if the public has any questions or opinions about this project when reviewing the environmental protection insurance collection report, please provide feedback in writing. Individuals must sign their real names, and units must affix their official seals.
Contact person: Zhou Miaosen Contact information: 13857539830


Annex 1:Click to download the testing evaluation report,Extracted code:utf3 

Annex 2:Click to downloadExpert opinions and attendance form,Extracted code:0840 


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